About Us

Jobsfer - Jobs for Everybody provides jobs seekers a unified platform for their job search. We club numerous online recruitment websites into a site. Whenever a user search on our platform the search is made on a multiple job portals and best results are catered to the user. With Jobsfer, transform your job search experience with high-quality results to job searched far beyond the limitations of typical keyword-based methods.

Jobsfer is equipped with spelling correction, company jargon recognition, job enrichment, and many more. We a sophisticated program under the hood to better understand users search requirement. You can search with a single text search field, so you needs not to provide skill or place filter, Jobsfer does this at it own by processing the search field. We keep on adding new job portals to cater you the best of job search experience with quality job listings.

Jobsfer search engine has the ability to detect spellings mistakes, skills, jargons, acronyms, locations, and seniority-based jobs.

Auto Spelling Correction

With spelling corrections, the job search automatically identifies and fixes spelling errors, even when search terms are industry jargon, job titles, or acronyms, ensuring that all relevant jobs are returned. Jobsfer job search recognizes when searches can have multiple interpretations and variations, matching on the concept to include the most relevant results.

Search Intent Identification

Jobsfer uses technology to better understand job content and jobseeker intent. The job search engine can understand the vagueness in job description and categories the job into appropriate category leading to faster and quality search results. Our category detection system detect the job for the most suitable industry by understand the job description and nature of job.

Understands Jargon and Slang

The job search engine understands common and uncommon industry jargon, slang, and shorthand often used by employers in job listings and by job searchers. Jobsfer is a job application tool that allows you to apply for jobs and connect with potential employers.

Identifies Keyword Acronyms

Jobsfer automatically detects acronyms and returns related occupations while keyword search can only return direct keyword matches on the acronym itself. The platform offers a broad range of jobs in a vast number of fields, like BPO Jobs, IT Jobs, Engineering Jobs, PSU Jobs, and many more.

Understands real world locations

The job search engine identifies the address in search and deliver most relevant jobs be it a locality, city, state, or country. User may need not to create account on Jobsfer to search and apply for jobs listed. The platform provides a centralized platform to search for jobs from many numerous online job boards.

Consideration of appropriate experience level

Jobsfer has state of the art seniority detection system which detects the desired seniority in a search query and aligns the roles returned appropriately, ensuring that roles that are far too junior or senior are not incorrectly matched.

Job Search Filters

Also, Jobsfer, provides further skill-based filters on the search result which powers the user to identify the closest and more value skillsets. The job search engine provides flexibility to the user to drill down search results based on job type, Industry, Category, skills and many more. Jobsfer Job search identifies Job type filter from job data itself. User can moreover filter between Full Time, Part Time, Internship, Contract, etc.

Email Alerts

Jobsfer is enriched with email alerts for passive job seekers, who are not actively looking for a job change but available for a new career opportunity. Email alerts are also helpful for active job seeker who will be getting timely job digests from multiple job boards directly on their preferred communication channel without visiting the website.